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8 Dic 2006

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8 Dic 2006
Tomado de MacRumors:

11:11 am Uses multiple technologies to keep time to +/- 50ms.
11:11 am Back crystal includes charging solution, combines MagSafe with inductive charging. No alignment required, no exposed contacts.

11:11 am Zirconia back, four sapphire lenses. Infrared and visible light LEDs with photo sensors detect pulse rate. Gyroscope and accelerometer, watch provides comprehensive picture of daily activity.
11:10 am Custom designed chip, S1 processor, integrates many subsystems into one module. Completely encapsulated to protect the electronics.

11:10 am "Discreet and nuanced experience."
11:10 am Called Taptic Engine
11:10 am Designed not only what you see, but what you hear and feel. Haptic feedback.
11:09 am Recognize difference between a tap and a press. Instant access to whole range of contextually specific controls.
11:09 am Adding a new dimension to the user interface.
11:09 am Other input technologies designed specifically for a product this small. Senses touch, and also force.
11:09 am All apps take advantage of flexible retina display. Laminated, machined and polished with a single crystal of sapphire.
11:08 am These are subtle ways to communicate that technology inhibits rather than enables.
11:08 am Pressing the button below the crown instantly shows you friends you can contact. Digital Touch gives new way to connect intimately with others. Send a quick sketch or tap to others. Share something as personal as your own heartbeat.

11:08 am Messages, Siri. Smart replies and dictation. Glances let you swipe through information efficiently.
11:07 am Digital crown is also the home button. Showing many different apps.
11:07 am Navigation is fluid and vital. Magnifying content on a small display is fundamentally important. Whole new interface specific to the challenges of a product this small.
11:07 am Watch senses that you're raising your wrist and activates the screen.
11:06 am To embrace individuality and inspire desire

11:06 am Apple Watch is a completely singular product. You can't determine a boundary between the physical object and the software.
11:06 am We've designed a range of products so personal, you don't put them on your pocket, you wear it on your wrist.
11:05 am Apple Watch has an amazing and rich design story. And we've prepared a video of that this morning that Jony Ive narrates. There is no one better to tell the story than Jony.
11:05 am It's as much about personal technology as it is about style and taste. Seamlessly combines materials and software and technology and we thought not only of the function, but of the way it looked.
11:04 am If you're in an app as the clock, if you press the crown, it returns to the home screen.

11:04 am When you have a list, you can scroll and do all of this without blocking the screen.
11:04 am When you turn the crown, the map zooms in and out.
11:04 am Infrared LED and photo diodes that translate rotary movement into digital data. Simple and elegant and amazing input and navigation device.

11:04 am SO we placed extra functionality in a mechanism that's been on the watch for decades. This dial, it's called a crown. On the Apple Watch it's called the digital crown.
11:03 am Gesture like pinch to zoom... covers the content! obstructs your view, it just doesn't work.
11:03 am What we didn't do was take the iPhone and shrink the user interface and strap it on your wrist. The display is too small, it would be a terrible customer experience.
11:02 am Apple Watch required the same attention.
11:02 am With every revolutionary product that Apple has created, a breakthrough in user interface was required. With Mac, we introduced the mouse to make navigation so simple on a personal computer. Clickwheel on the iPod. Multitouch on the iPhone.
11:02 am One of those is the user interface.
11:02 am Took very deep thinking and out of this came some truly remarkable innovations.
11:01 am Communicate directly from your wrist. Works seamlessly with iPhone. Comprehensive health and fitness companion.

11:01 am Incredibly customizable. You can find one that reflects your personal style and taste. An intimate way to connect and communicate.
11:01 am Accurate to +/- 50 milliseconds
11:01 am "This is the most personal device we've ever created. We've set out to make the best watch in the world. One that is precise. It's syncronized with a universal time standard."
11:00 am Named Apple Watch. (With Apple logo, then Watch)
11:00 am Tim Cook now wearing a white watch.
11:00 am Standing ovation from the audience.

11:00 am Apple Watch. Many designs for the face and the bands.
10:59 am Multiple sensors on the rear of the device.

10:59 am Stainless steel, sapphire coated display. Lots of different bands to choose from.
10:59 am Stunning design. Looks like a traditional watch with a crown on the side, interchangeable bands.
10:58 am A watch!
10:58 am Showing earth from space.
10:58 am Here it is. Video running.
10:58 am "I am so excited and so proud to share it with you this morning. It is the next chapter in Apple's story."
10:57 am We've been working incredibly hard for a long time on an entirely new product. And we believe this product will redefine what people expect from its category."
10:57 am "We love to make great products that really enrich people's lives. We love to integrate hardware, software and services seamlessly. We love to make technology more personal."

10:56 am "We have one more thing."
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8 Dic 2006
11:15 am Apple Watch Edition: 18K Gold, metallurgists have developed to be twice as hard as standard gold.
11:15 am Apple Watch Sport: Ion exchanged cover glass, anodized aluminum case that's 60% stronger than standard alloys, incredibly light and durable.

11:14 am From different cases and straps, three distinct collections. Apple Watch with polished case with stainless steel alloy.
11:14 am Two different Apple Watch sizes with matching smaller straps.
11:14 am Stainless steel mesh with magnetic enclosure.
11:14 am Leather classic buckle references watch vocabulary. Stainless steel has slim deployment clasp.


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8 Dic 2006

11:41 am Available in early 2015. "Is worth the wait."
11:41 am Apple Watch starts at $349.
11:41 am Designed so its simple to charge at night. We're using inductive charging, has a magnet that aligns perfectly to the back of the watch. So simple and elegant. Something only Apple could do.
11:41 am 200 million people already can use Apple Watch. We expect usage of Apple Watch through the day to be incredible. So many things you can do with it.

11:40 am Works with iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, also works with 5s, 5c and 5.
11:40 am Requires the iPhone because it's been designed to seamlessly work together with Handoff. Might read an email on your watch and then respond to it on the iPhone.


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1 May 2007
No dijeron fecha de lanzamiento? No pude ver todo el evento completo.
Pero haciendo mis cálculos, primero conseguiría el Apple Watch ya que me funciona con mi 5s y luego cambió el cell.

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28 Abr 2004
Falta ver como se carga la pila y cuanto dura y según que uso

Se carga con un conector tipo MagSafe como el de los Mac

BxHc9JOIIAEjp_b.jpg large.jpg

Tengo sentimientos encontrados con el reloj. Hay unas manillas y combinaciones del reloj mismo que me parecen bien feas pero hay otras que si me parecen que le dan un buen toque como este que es completamente negro


La interfaz se ve muy diferente a iOS, incluso hasta con el tipo de letra. Viendo la presentación a veces me sentía viendo la presentación del producto de otra marca. Eso no me gustó

Me parece que está bastante completo en funciones y con toda la base de desarrolladores que tiene seguro seguro tendrá una plataforma con muchisimas aplicaciones y buen soporte.

A esperar reviews reales sea este año o ya en el 2015


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6 Dic 2013
La verdad quedé loco por el Apple Watch de oro... solo hay una cosa que me preocupa... cual será el ritmo de actualizaciones de este reloj?? Pq comprar un reloj de oro (que muy seguramente cueste más de 500 dolares, incluso pienso que podria llegar a 1000) para que en un año toque comprar otro? :S

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