Home Theater Onkyo HT-S7409 5.1 Receptor y Parlantes

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15 Feb 2003
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Teatro en casa muy bueno con muy poco uso

PRECIO: 800.000

Superbly Balanced and Versatile Home Theater Package

Onkyos HT-S7409 offers a fast track to spectacular all-in-one home entertainment. Along with a feature-laden A/V network receiver, the package includes a quality, gloss-finished 5.1-channel speaker set. The receivers network functionality allows you to bring internet radio and PC audio into your living room, and adds compatibility with Onkyos Remote App for iPod/iPhone. Six new-generation HDMI® inputs

handle the latest high-def formats, such as 3D video, lossless Dolby and DTS audio, and 4K video upscaled via Qdeo technology. Other rear-side connectors include an analog RGB input for PC video and a Universal Port for Onkyo peripherals. On the receivers front-side, a USB input enables digital connection of flash memory devices such as iPod/iPhone, while analog A/V inputs let you hook up a camcorder or game console just like that. All of this high-performance functionality is surprisinglyeasy to set up and control, thanks to Audyssey room-correction and equalization, and Onkyos interactive on-screen menus.

Special Features
  • Includes the TX-NR609 THX Select2Plus Certified Receiver
  • Network Capability Delivers Internet Radio and Network Streaming
  • Six HDMI Input that Support for 3D Video and Audio Return Channel
  • Front-Panel USB Port for Direct Digital Connection of iPod®/iPhone®
  • Total 770W with a Powerful 10-inch 120W Powered Subwoofer
  • HDMI scaling up to 4K via Qdeo Technology from Marvell
  • Dolby® Pro Logic® IIz Adds New Dimensions to Surround Sound
  • A Suite of Audyssey Technologies for the Ideal Listening Environment
  • PC Input
  • Supports UWF-1 wireless USB adapter

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26 Ago 2008
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Hola jaay, cuanto tiene de uso el HT y en cuanto es lo minimo que lo dejas aqui en Medellin
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