IP de UNE estan en listas negra, imposibles de quitar


Lanero Reconocido
5 May 2005
Esta yo creo que deberia ser noticia de primera plana. Ya que para aquellos que pretender tener servidores de correo desde equipos propios escoger su proveedor de internet no deberia ser tan complicado.
Segun http://www.uceprotect.net/en/rblcheck.php
Reputation of ASN 8065 | EPM Telecomunicaciones S.A. E.S.P.
AS Status Provider has
total IP's Level 1 listed spammers
within the last 7 days Escalation to Level 3
by Level 1 records Optional Expressdelisting
8065 LISTED 240896 2802 (1.163 %) 482

What means listed at UCEPROTECT-Level 3?
UCEPROTECT Network operates three levels of blacklisting, so our users can make the decision how strong they want to filter.
While UCEPROTECT-Level 1 lists single IP's only, UCEPROTECT Level-2 escalates and lists spammy allocations.
UCEPROTECT-Level 3 is the highest possible escalaion, complete Autonomus Systems (AS) get listed at Level 3 if there were too many spamming IP's (listed in Level 1) originating from said AS within the last 7 days.
If the provider harbours too many spammers and only has one ASN (Autonomus System Number) that logically means:
All IP's of said provider get listed at Level 3 then.
While in fact UCEPROTECT-Level 3 is nothing than pure mathematics based on Level 1, one could best describe UCEPROTECT-Level 3 as a boycottlist.

As you should know now: It is not you, it is your complete provider which got UCEPROTECT-Level 3 listed.
Your IP was NOT part of a spamrun, but you are the one that has freely chosen your provider.
By tolerating or ignoring that your provider doesn't care about spammers you are indirectly also supporting the global spam with your money.
Seen from this point of view, you really shouldn't wonder about the consequences.

Therefore we recommend:
Please send a compliant to your provider and request them to fix this problem immediatly.
Think about this: You pay them for, that you can use the Internet without problems.

If they are ignoring your complaint or claiming they can't do anything, you should consider to change your provider.
There are currently about 105,000 providers worldwide, but only a few hundred make it to get listed into UCEPROTECT-Level 3.

Lo que quiere decir que si mas servidores usan http://www.uceprotect.net/en/rblcheck.php la idea de un servidor de correo, web, plataforma en EPM esta abolida.

Alguien sabe que servicios se pueden contratar para poder usar un mail server. Suramericana usa http://www.uceprotect.net/en/rblcheck.php por lo que nadie de sus empresas (inversura, suratep, suramericana), podra recibir correos si se envian de un MTA en un servidor conectado a UNE EPM telecomunicaciones

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