Vendo se va todo en saldo aprovechen precios unicos solo por esta semana


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Señores se va todo en saldo solo por esta semana. aprovechen pues precio unicos e inigualables

1. Mouse Logitech m600 Touch


Superficie táctil completa para un control uniforme y preciso
Disfrute de una navegación rápida y fluida dondequiera que descanse los dedos en la superficie táctil precisa. Pases, desplazamientos, toques y clics sin esfuerzo, para una experiencia eficiente y productiva.

Comodidad para los dedos.
Con unas curvas diseñadas para la comodidad, este elegante Touch Mouse permite un manejo y gestos cómodos, durante horas y horas.

Acceso rápido a la pantalla de inicio de Windows® 8
Acceda fácilmente a sus aplicaciones favoritas en la pantalla de inicio de Windows 8 con un simple gesto exclusivo.

Opciones de una o dos pilas
Puede usar una pila AA para tener un ratón más ligero y tres meses de duración de la pila*, o dos pilas AA para una sensación de solidez y seis meses de uso.** También puede utilizar sus propias pilas recargables.

Tecnología avanzada de Logitech
Conéctelo. Olvídese de él. Agregue más.
El receptor Unifying conecta hasta seis dispositivos compatibles.
Más información
Descargue el software Unifying

Tecnología inalámbrica avanzada de 2,4 GHz
Despídase de los cables y disfrute de la libertad inalámbrica.
Más información

Seguimiento óptico avanzado de Logitech
Disfrute de acciones precisas con puntero y clic.
Más información

Controles personalizablesPersonalización consoftware opcional Logitech SetPoint?.
Más información
Estado: Nuevo
Garantia: 20 dias Directo conmigo
Precio: $120.000
Nuevo precio: $50.000 (3 disponibles)

2. Memorias Usb marca Lexar Jumpdrive TwistTurn 16gb
Lexar JumpDrive TwistTurn is a high-capacity USB flash drive that provides a convenient solution for storing, transferring, and sharing multimedia and more. With the capless design, LED activity lights, key chain hole and different stylish color for each of its varying capacity, the TwistTurn drive offers an easy-to-use yet functional portable storage device. Lexar JumpDrive TwistTurn is available in 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB capacities.

  • COMPACT AND FLEXIBLERotate out the USB connector when use, and rotate in for storage. In addition to the convenience, the durable case also provides reliable protection for your device and contents. LED activity light blinks during data transfer so you know whether the job is done.
  • COOL COLOR OPTIONSFeaturing different stylish color for each of its varying capacities, the Lexar JumpDrive TwistTurn drive delivers a fashionable storage accessory to fit your needs and lifestyle.
  • LEXAR PERFORMANCE, QUALITY, COMPATIBILITY, AND RELIABILITYBy undergoing harsh tests in the Lexar Quality Labs, the Lexar JumpDrive TwistTurn Flash drive ensures you the ultimate performance, quality, compatibility, and reliability, providing you with high level of confidence when using the drive to deal with crucial data.
Estado: Nuevo
Garantia: 1 semana
Precio: $25.000
Nuevo precio: $16.000 (2 disponibles)

3. Teclado LOFREE MT-200 2.4GHz Wireless Mini Slim Touchpad
(todo tactil y si se pasa el dedo por encima de las teclas funciona como puntero)
LOFREE MT-200 Multi-touch 2.4GHz Wireless Touchpad Keyboard

  • Full support for Windows 8 touch navigation
  • You can switch between touchpad mode and keyboard mode whenever you like.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery.
System Requirements

  • Windows: Windows® XP, Windows® Vista, Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Android USB Port

  • 140mm * 89.5mm * 10.5mm

  • MT-200 Keyboard/Touchpad
  • Nano USB Receiver
  • USB Cable
Estado: Nuevo
Garantia: 1 semana
Precio: $70.000
Nuevo precio: $50.000 (1 disponible)

4. Escaner portatil VuPoint Magic wand 3, Ref: PDS-ST442-VP
  • 1050 dpi x 1050 dpi
Estado: Nuevo Manofacturer Refusrbished
Garantia: 10 dias
Precio: $110.000
Vendidos a 70.000 (no disponibles)

5. Celulares Pantech Pocket

Características Técnicas
  • Android 2.3
  • Pantalla de 4? SVGA con resolución de 600×800
  • Procesador a 1 Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8255 / Scorpion
  • Memoria interna de 1gb (600 mb disponibles)
  • Memoria Ram 512mb
  • Tarjeta Microsd expandible a 32 gigas
  • UMTS 850/1900/2100
  • GSM 850/900/1800/1900
  • Cámara trasera de 5 mp
  • Grabación en HD
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth: v. 2.1 + EDR
  • Medidas de 114.7mm x 78mm x 11.3mm
  • Peso de 132 gramos
Estado: Nuevo
Garantia: 20 dias
Vendidos No disponibles

6. Magellan - RoadMate 5120Lmtx, Life time USA y CANADA (5 PULGADAS)
Magellan SmartGPS - The Future Connected Car, Now
Enjoy the Future Connected Car experience now with Magellan SmartGPS. Magellan SmartGPS delivers a feature rich and powerful navigation experience, at a more affordable price than costly premium infotainment systems with comparable features. Magellan's SmartTouch cloud platform delivers localized social media and dynamic navigation content to the SmartGPS screen. Save time, money and stress with valuable real-time, localized information delivered to the navigation screen, including Fuel Prices, Red Light Camera and Speed Trap Alerts, Weather, Traffic and more. Instantly and seamlessly navigate to Yelp and Foursquare locations on the SmartGPS device.

No additional smartphone data plans are required. SmartGPS uses WiFi to seamlessly cache social and navigation content. Optional live content updates are available through a Bluetooth smartphone connection. Use the free SmartGPS iOS and Android companion apps to search for locations, and with the touch of a button, wirelessly send the destinations to the SmartGPS device.

Never lose track of your favorite locations. Every SmartGPS user can search, save, sync and share locations in their Magellan SmartTouch cloud account. Search for locations, and create trip routes at home using the SmartTouch cloud web interface, and wirelessly sync the locations and trips to the SmartGPS device and companion apps. SmartGPS makes trips easier, safer and more fun for everyone.

Magellan SmartGPS Highlights
  • Easily send destinations and contacts to SmartGPS from your smartphone
  • Automatically receive valuable dynamic navigation content: fuel prices, best parking, weather, traffic camera alerts by PhantomALERT
  • Free iOS and Android companion apps included
  • Yelp and Foursquare reviews and deals received automatically
  • Capacitive touch display
  • WiFi & Bluetooth (hands-free calling)
  • Lifetime map updates & lifetime traffic alerts
  • Custom-built window mount
Combining the Best of In-dash Infotainment, Smartphone Apps and Dedicated GPS.

Send information to SmartGPS from your smartphone.
View larger.

Receive Valuable Yelp & Foursquare Ratings and Offers.
View larger.

Yelp, Foursquare, Fuel Prices, Traffic & Safety Alerts and Weather.
View larger.

Yelp, Foursquare, Fuel Prices, Traffic & Safety Alerts and Weather.
View larger.

5" High-resolution Capacitive Touchscreen - Vibrant 5" glass touchscreen gives you more viewing area.

Free iOS & Android Smartphone Apps - Includes: On-Board Maps, Free Lifetime Maps and Traffic Updates, Traffic Camera Alerts, Best Parking, POI Search and Sharing, and much more.

Yelp & Foursquare - Receive valuable Yelp & Foursquare reviews, tips and money-saving deals in relation to your location.

SmartTouch Cloud - Allows you to sync your SmartGPS, smartphone and desktop or tablet to share information across all devices.

WiFi - Allows wireless downloading of SmartTouch cloud locations, social media and navigation content, and software updates, with no additional data plan required.

Lifetime Map Upgrades - Never worry about out-of-date maps again. Download the latest map information (up to 4 times a year) for the life of your Magellan navigator.

Free Lifetime Traffic - Warns you of reported traffic events that may delay you and provides alternative route suggestions.

Fuel Prices - Locate the lowest fuel prices around you. Choose your preferred Gas Stations.

Traffic Camera Alerts by PhantomALERT - Receive audible and visual warnings of red light and speed cameras along your route, provided by PhantomALERT.

Speed Limit Warnings - Receive customizable alerts to manage your speed along your route.

Weather - 5 day weather forecast of your preferred 5 cities.

Best Parking - Provides parking garage locations, hours of operation and directions to the entrance.

Internet Browser - WiFi Web Browser allows you to search for destinations from any location with a WiFi hotspot.

Bluetooth Speakerphone (Hands-free Calling) - Integrated Bluetooth technology turns your navigator into a hands-free speakerphone, making your commute time safer and more productive.

Back-up Camera Compatible - As you put your car into reverse, your Magellan navigator will automatically switch into rear-view mode allowing you to see what is behind your car- including children, pets and toys. (back-up camera sold separately)

Landmark Guidance - Conveniently receive directions using landmarks as your guide, for example you might hear "in 300ft, turn right at the 76 Gas Station", making it a more intuitive way to navigate.

Junction View and Lane Assist - Realistic images of freeway signs and arrows guide you to the correct lane to make driving easier, safer and less stressful.

Personalized OneTouch Favorites Menu - Find your favorite restaurant, bank, gas station and more in any city with a single touch. Easily create shortcuts to your favorite destinations and previous searches with personalized bookmarks so you can quickly find them anywhere you travel.

Spoken Street Names - Safely hear street names and directions for a clear understanding of when to make the next turn while you keep your eyes on the road.

QuickSpell with SmartCity Search - As you type the first few letters of your target address QuickSpell instantly narrows the search based on your destination.

7 Million of Points of Interest (POI) - Search and route to millions of preloaded destinations such as gas stations, restaurants, hotels, attractions and other points of interest.

Preloaded Premium Maps - Travel the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada with all the maps you need, preloaded on your device.

Auto Night View - Automatically adjusts color and contrast for easy night viewing.

Product Description
Magellan RM5120SGLUC Roadmate 5120LMTX Vehicle GPS With Lifetime Map Updates & Lifetime Traffic Alerts;
Estado: 8.5 de 10, Perfecto estado (pantalla sin rayones)
Se entrega con: Bases, cable usb
Garantia: 1 semana
Precio: $120.000
Nuevo precio: $70.000 (1 disponible)

7. Blueray DVD, The art of flight
link y video:
Estado: Nuevo
Garantia: Original
Precio: $40.000 (se compro en la pagina de quiksilver por 15usd)
Nuevo precio: $20.000 (1 disponible)

8. Luz con sensor movimiento, Light Angel. de la marca famosa As Seen On TV
Estado: nuevo
Garantia: 1 semana
Precio: $45.000
Nuevo precio: $28.000 (2 disponibles)

9. Polishadora para carro Random orbital 6 pulgadas
Estado: Nuevo
Garantia: $1 semana
Precio: $85.000
Nuevo precio: $45.000 (1 disponible)

10. Portaretrato Magico cubo (gira en la punta)
Video funcionando:
Estado: nuevo
Garantia: 3 dias
Precio: $40.000
Nuevo precio: $20.000 (1 disponible)

11.Reloj Espia 4gb, graba video, fotos, usb.
Estado: Nuevo
Garantia: 1 semana
Precio: $60.000
Nuevo precio: $45.000 (2 disponibles)

12. Gorras Quiksilver originales.
Precios: $50.000 la negra $45.000 la otra
Nuevo precio: $30.000 (solo disponible la negra)

Bueno como ven todo en saldo a superprecios, por fuera se esta yendo todo rapidito...
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buen día, el teclado es personalizable, si es cómodo para escribir documentos largos? es decir no se dificulta la escritura en posición normal? le dura bastante la batería? los celulares que SO tienen?


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buen día, el teclado es personalizable, si es cómodo para escribir documentos largos? es decir no se dificulta la escritura en posición normal? le dura bastante la batería? los celulares que SO tienen?

no kedan celulares, tengo que actualizar el post, el teclado queda solo 1, mire la referencia en youtube para que lo vea funcionando, pero son muy comodos para escribir y sirven como touchpad


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Wenas..... Que más me puede decir del GPS? Mapas? Actualizaciones? Idiomas?

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Buenas tardes amigo en que ciudad estas ubicado?? estas en medellin me inetersa una memoria usb.


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Saludos, ese teclado será compatible con un Smart tv?

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