Trojano??? ayuda por favor...

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23 Mar 2002
Hola a tod@s:

Me he bajado un key generator para el WarCraft 3 con el Edonkey, aunque no tengo el juego.

El caso es que despues d ejecutarlo para ver si funcionaba lo he cerrado, y de seguido se me ha habierto una ventana del explorador con el siguiente mensaje:

gr3pbot trojan horse is installed on your system
You are seeing this page because you have retrieved and executed a WarCraft 3 keygenerator which installed a trojan horse on your computer.

The trojan will put a client on EFNet IRC and is remotely controllable from there. The IRC channel used to control these trojans is now under control of EFNet administrators and operators, and all trojans seen joining this channel will now automatically direct you to this page and then remove themselves.

DO NOT RUN THE WARCRAFT 3 KEYGENERATOR AGAIN, as this will reinstall the trojan. In the future please do not trust such binaries.

A little addition. I've gotten several e-mails where people are quite annoyed for me giving them a trojan. I did NOT create this, the responsible person have been reported to proper authorities. I am an operator on the EFNet IRC network, I discovered these trojans, watched them a while to figure out how they work, then took control over the IRC channel they gathered in, for the purpose of automating trojan removal and user warning.

Best regards,


Como no tengo mucha idea de inglés lo posteo aqui para ver si alguién puede decirme si esto es un bulo (mentira) o que tengo que hacer. Aún no tengo antivirus y uso WinXP y tengo ADSL.

Muchas gracias por todo
Un saludo
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