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5 Feb 2006

HTC Touch Diamond 2 Full Demostration at MWC09

The price brackets for Diamond2 and HD are different. Diamond 2 is available for pre-order at 450 EUR, while HD costs about 580 EUR (that's a 130 EUR difference!). You see, even if they drop the price for HD, it is hard to imagine that it will cost as low as Diamond2. I think, if you consider HD to be a bit too large for daily comfortable usage, then you are better off with Diamond2, which will cost less than HD.

Everyone that says "Touch HD is better", go buy Touch HD! If you look close at both phones, you will see that they are almost identical in terms of specs, except that Touch HD has bigger screen. The reason many people are interested in this phone is that they consider Touch HD too big to carry comfortably everyday in their pocket (and possibly the price of Touch HD is just a bit too high for them as well). So, they wish to have this format, but they miss still a few features: the so convenient 3.5 mm audio jack (that HTC has magically implemented in Touch HD), camera flesh (look at the popularity of Samsung or SE camera phones), TV out (hell yea, I want to watch those films on a large TV), better battery (partially addressed here, compared to Diamond 1. Still, we want the one in Touch HD!). So, all things considered, the choice between Diamond 2 and Touch HD depends on your preferences. If you don't mind the large size of HD (or even prefer that gorgeous large screen), then go for it! Otherwise, Diamond 2 can be one of your choices to consider. For me, both phones are still not perfect to rush and buy...



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3 Jul 2004
Se ve xcelente esa maquina pero para mi mientras no pasen de pantallas resistivas a capacitivas no volveré a tener un touchscreen con WM... la verdad luego de usar un timepo un iphone uno siente estas pantallas como de otra epoca.. jejeje... sin decir que sean equipos comparables.. solo el manejo con la pantalla.. nada mas...