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SENA - Inglés para todos los colombianos

Tema en 'English Forum' iniciado por GLDroid, 10 Diciembre 2010.

  1. Being one of the most recognized colombian institutions, the Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje - SENA is offering the english course free of charge at every single colombian citizen that wants to learn a new languaje, specially the ENGLISH.

    You can find the information here:

    It offers a virtual education using the plattaform "Blackboard". It has certain advantages and disadvantages, being the use exclusive of Internet Explorer as one of the main disadvantages this plattaform has. As an oposition, it has a huge comunity that is ready to help you. It also has a variety of user-generated content, such as tutorials on Youtube and many documents in the plattaform itself and in the forums and other comunities online.

    You may find a spanish-speaking tutorial about the plattaform here:

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    I am currently studying english, i am at level III Advanced. I think my english level is a little "out of shape" since i stopped the learning from this languaje about 6 years ago. I am remembering all the basic stuff and i am currently ending the advanced course.

    I offer myself to keep english conversations, to solve any doubt you may have in grammar, translations, listening and writing. If i find you are pretty commited with the learning, we can even talk in english using the web tecnologies we have available such as Skype, Windows Live Messenger, and so on.

    I currently have an issue with the plattaform, i can not change my Blackboard password. I already did the change for the Virtual Office, however, i can not find the link to change the password on the Blackboard plattaform. Can someone help me with this ?

    #1 GLDroid, 10 Diciembre 2010
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  2. Que cambio que tuvo don GLD....

    La ultima pregunta es en serio???? lo del problema con el blackboard.. o solo copio?
  3. Hey ! Please, it is advised to speak english as much as you can !

    It seems my head is a little bit OK right now, i already apologize for all the annoying stuff i did before. I am trying to help my own english level and to help with others with its course.

    I am not saying i am a pro in languajes, but i think we can share our own comments, points of views, perceptions and much more.

    The last question is 100% true, i just dont know what to do to change the Blackboard pasword, as i said it before, i already changed the one from the Virtual Office, but i dont know how to change the Blackboard one.
  4. I have a problem, I signed a year ago and is the virtual Sena, now that I have the time that course AHAC pair, delete the email account I registered and now I can not register again, anyone know I can do?
  5. SENA does an important job... but it's not so good in academic terms :p

    Is anybody here learning english from SENA ?
  6. I never received the access to the 3rd course level 1 for that reason I quit.
  7. Do the SENA course if you need a written certificate. If you really want to learn is better presencial classes in another institutes, empiric learning or living at least 6 months in an english spoken country
  8. Learing English at SENA? :p
  9. Lionzi, are you asking or just saying that you are studying there?
  10. I think he's trying to say that studying there isn't the smartest choice :p

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  11. I thinks is better than nothing.

    And to be free, is an excellent choice for people with low resources.

    Remember that you can learn english even watching movies or documentaries in TV :p
  12. That's a good point (talking about your interpretation), but as Max says that is better than nothing.
  13. I know and I agree with that. The one who wants to learns can do it with the most simple learning material.

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  14. That's good enough for me...

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  15. Does Sena offer any other program or platform to study other languages such as French? I'd like to learn that language but courses are pretty expensive here.

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  16. I would also like to know about French courses s'il vous plaît

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